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LiveData integration

To use the LiveScreenModel you should first import cafe.adriel.voyager:voyager-livedata (see Setup).

State-aware ScreenModel

If your ScreenModel needs to provide a state, use the LiveScreenModel. Set the initial state on the constructor and use mutableState to change the current state.
class PostDetailsScreenModel(
private val repository: PostRepository
) : LiveScreenModel<PostDetailsScreenModel.State>(State.Init) {
sealed class State {
object Init : State()
object Loading : State()
data class Result(val post: Post) : State()
fun getPost(id: String) {
coroutineScope.launch {
val result = State.Result(post = repository.getPost(id))
In your screen use state.observeAsState() and handle the current state.
class PostDetailsScreen : Screen {
override fun Content() {
val screenModel = rememberScreenModel<PostDetailsScreenModel>()
val state by screenModel.state.observeAsState()
when (state) {
is State.Loading -> LoadingContent()
is State.Result -> PostContent(


Sample code here.