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Community Projects Catalog

Open source libraries with Voyager extensions

  • Kotlin Routing: An extensible and multiplatform routing system powered by Ktor
  • Rinku: Deep Link Handling for Kotlin Multiplatform

Open source projects using Voyager

  • ClimateTraceKMP: Kotlin/Compose Multiplatform project to show climate related emission data from
  • Suwayomi-JUI: A free and open source manga reader to read manga from a Suwayomi-Server instance.
  • TimePlanner: Mobile app for planning tasks for the day with multimodule architecture, MVI, Compose, Room, Voyager, AlarmManager, Notification, Charts
  • KMP-News-App: This application demonstrates modern Android development with Koin, Ktor, Coroutines, Flows, SQLDelight, Voyager based on Clean Architecture.
  • NationExplorer: Compose Multiplatform App for both Android and iOS designed for discovering and learning more about countries
  • KodeRunner: Compose Your Code, Anywhere, Anytime. Built using Kotlin Multiplatform & Compose Multiplatform 🚀
  • Cookit Recipes App: Recipes app for iOS and Android, built with compose multiplatform technology

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