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Migration to 1.0.0


New Module

Now the ScreenModel API has its own module and no longer are available in voyager-core, if you are using ScreenModel you should declare the dependency cafe.adriel.voyager:voyager-screenmodel (see Setup).

Since 1.0.0-rc08 we have introduced the ScreenModel scoped at Navigator Lifecycle, now the API is no longer marked as Experimental.

Deprecation cycle

Since 1.0.0-rc08 we have renamed the extension coroutineScope to screenModelScope, now it was removed from 1.0.0, if you are still using it, just replace with screenModelScope.


The module voyager-androidx and AndroidScreen was removed! Since 1.0.0-rc06 we have introduced a new API called NavigatorScreenLifecycleProvider that provides by default the previous behavior of AndroidScreenLifecycleOwner on Android target for all Screen.

Important notice: AndroidScreen, different from Screen, it holds the Screen.key as a uniqueScreenKey, this is a pretty common requirement, to avoid issues and weird behaviors, we recommend continuing to specify a uniqueScreenKey if you are not, we also recommend creating a abstract class UniqueScreen to replace your AndroidScreen implementation.

abstract class UniqueScreen : Screen {
    override val key: ScreenKey = uniqueScreenKey

APIs promote to Stable

  • All Navigator scoped ScreenModels API
  • NavigatorLifecycleStore and NavigatorDisposable
  • TabDisposable

Deprecation cycle

  • ScreenLifecycleStore.get: Use register or new get function instead.
  • Stack.lastOrNull: Use lastItemOrNull instead
  • Navigator.last: Use lastItem instead
  • ScreenModel.coroutineScope: Use screenModelScope instead
  • ScreenModelStore.remove: Use onDispose instead.
  • Tab.title: Use options instead.
  • Tab.icon: Use options instead.